Mulch Tips

Using mulch is a great time saver as it will help prevent weeds further into the season.  Mulch also reduces the watering frequency necessary to keep plants hydrated.  Mulch keeps the soil cool and makes a garden look neat and tidy.

The most common mulch question I get from homeowners is, “How much mulch do I need?”  Obviously, the answer depends on the size of your garden.  It also depends on the depth of the mulch.  You will hear different suggestions on recommended depth (between 2 and 4 inches are the most common).  I feel that 2 ½ inches is a good depth.  At For The Garden, we sell mulch in bags—1 bag will cover about 10 feet of garden space.  If your garden is 4’ x 12’ you will need 5 bags of mulch.  Don’t worry about the math… we’ll make it easy for you…just measure your garden area and we will tell you exactly how many bags of mulch you will need for optimal coverage. 

One more important detail about mulch is that the source of the mulch is very important.  I know exactly where the mulch I sell is coming from and I urge you to use caution in selecting mulch from an unknown source.  Cheap mulch is usually a sign that it is coming from wood that is undesirable (possible termites, and other problems you don’t want anywhere near your yard).   It’s worth a few extra dollars to use quality mulch in your garden.

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